Welcome to A Bright Choice Paediatric Physiotherapy

Welcome to ‘A Bright Choice, Paediatric Physiotherapy an innovative development in Paediatric allied health services in Adelaide founded by Kelly Kerr! After graduating in the year 2000, Kelly spent 12 years working as a Physiotherapist with children/ young people and the other three years busy at home with each of their three children the year following their births.  



Kelly is committed, dedicated and motivated to reach the goals and functional skills you identify for your child and will work closely with families to achieved these.  ‘A Bright Choice’ will work in close consultation with other health professionals.  Clients can be seen in their community setting which is largely in line with NDIS goals for clients who are NDIS registered.  Community input may be at the ARC pool, school, preschool, Latitude indoor climbing centre, home or convenient community location when therapy positions are available in a given metropolitan area.  Aquatic Physiotherapy (hydrotherapy) sessions are an exciting and goal directed way of providing a Physiotherapy service.  Kelly runs hydrotherapy sessions at the Campbelltown ARC Centre, see Aquatic Physiotherapy and Gym Programs page for further details.