Aquatic Physiotherapy and Gym Programs

Aquatic Physiotherapy sessions are all run at the ARC Campbelltown located a short 7 minute drive northeast of the city at:  531 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown.  A Bright Choice has developed close links working with the ARC staff.  The Recreation Centre is a council run, community venue which caters to families and is a new facility catering well for people with disabilities. 


There are many benefits and reason why Aquatic Physiotherapy may be recommended for your young person or teen largely due to the Physical Properties of water that cannot be achieved on land.   These include:

  • Ease of movement with less weightbearing, reduction of pain.
  • Ease of achiving movements such as jumping, hopping, running that many children/ teens can't achive on land.
  • A sensory environment that is often calming and assists children to self regulate.
  • Ability to work towards water awareness, safety and for many children skills necessary to move to 'Learn to Swim' mainstream classes.
  • A fun environment which engages the child quickly and easily to then work on Physiotherapy goals. 
  • All core components worked on during land sessions are worked on equally, if not more efficiently in the pool including:  Strength with limbs and the core, balance, coordination, motor planning, body awareness, ball skill, locomotor skills such as running, jumping, hopping, galloping.  Additionally breath control, ability to submerge underwater, stamina, endurance and most importantly confidence and self esteem!
  • Request an Aquatic Physiotherapy session with Kelly and you will never look back.  All Physiotherapy goals addressed in a fun, engaging, time and cost efficient service at a new and family friendly facility which is warm all year round. 

Gym Programs:

Once your child reaches their teenage years Kelly will often recommend a supervised gym program to reach their physical goals.  The ARC have an onsite gym which can be used with Kelly as the supervising Physiotherapist once teens reach 14 years of age.  Benefits of gym training are well documented. For teens with movement difficulties a gym can offer:


  • Learning independance with a strength and cardio program, particulaly if the NDIS won't always be providing ongoing support.
  • Cardiorespiratory, stamina and endurace gains. 
  • Variety of strength, balance, endurance equipment in a mainstream integrated but supported setting.
  • Kelly has a strong background in the fitness industry being employed for many years as a Group Fitness Les Mill instructor, gym instructor and Personal Trainer.  She also has an interest in recreational running and believes that the majority of teens can achieve gains in a gym setting that may be difficult for teens to attain if they don't enjoy sport.
  • Combined with her expert Physiotherapy knowledge Kelly is the right person to provide this support to your teen.