School Aged Services (6-18 year olds)

What your child/ teen may need:

  • Improvement of upper and lower limb strength
  • Improvement of trunk/ core strength and control
  • Improvement of posture and balance
  • Improved grip strength
  • Gross and fine motor skills progressed
  • Handwriting legibility and speed
  • Improved coordination and planning of movement
  • Improved attention and concentration
  • Ideas given for PE and playground activities
  • Ideas given for handwriting and behaviour
  • Gait regularly reviewed
  • Communication with Paediatricians and/ or Rehabilitation Paediatricians
  • Communication with other professionals involved
  • Foot / lower limb posture and orthotics checked
  • Pencil grasp and grips recommended
  • Classroom obervations
  • Skills to take part in a sport or recreation activity
  • Interesting and age appropriate programs following botulinum toxin injections
  • Programs following initial rehabilitation after surgery
  • Programs for sensory management in class and home
  • Advice on suitable equipment
  • Motivation, confidence, independence and inclusion to keep active.
  • Aquatic Physiotherapy (hydrotherapy) sessions to offer benefits that often can't be achieved on land.



How ‘A Bright Choice’ can help:

Kelly is well equipped to provide support for your child/ young person, family, carers/ teachers.  Kelly has spent numerous years as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer and is committed to using strengthening principles for mobility, independence, following surgery, fitness, recreation and fun!  Her personable and friendly approach will greatly assist families and children to achieve their outcomes and goals. 


If your teen/ young person is not keen to ‘do exercises they’ve had to do for many years’, perhaps they would be more motivated to be guided through specialised ‘Personal Training’ type sessions? These sessions will of course be aimed at reaching the young person’s functional goals and make Physiotherapy fun and interesting.  Kelly will assist your teen/ young person to be the most confident, strong, balanced and motivated individual they can be.


School aged clients may be seen at school, for Aquatic Physiotherapy or at the ARC Campbelltown for using the ARC Gym sessions.  See the Aquatic Physiotherapy and Gym tab for further details.