Early Intervention Services (0-6 year olds)

What your baby/ child may need:

  • A reliable and experienced clinician who loves working with young ones
  • A personable, empathic, fun therapist
  • Familiar, friendly therapy environment
  • Therapists that liase with one another towards your child's goals
  • Communication with Paediatricians and/ or Rehabilitation Paediatricians
  • Assessment and review of delayed gross and fine motor milestones
  • Regular input for motor development  i.e. rolling, sitting, crawling, kneeling, standing, walking as well as handskills and pencil skills
  • Regular input for stretching, positioning, strengthening through play with fun ideas
  • School Readiness
  • Sensory and social play focus
  • Regular review of foot posture, shoe wear, walking pattern
  • Gross and fine motor skill assessment, review and activity ideas
  • Programs and ideas following botulinum toxin injections
  • Programs and ideas for sensory processing difficulties
  • Advice on suitable equipment
  • Aquatic Physiotherapy (hydrotherapy) sessions to complement land based sessions may be available.



How ‘A Bright Choice’ can help:

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, Kelly and Darryl are well equipped to provide this support for your baby/ young child, family & carers.  After spending the majority of her career working in teams with other therapists, Kelly and Darryl take a holistic view of the child and family whilst closely liaising with other professionals in your child’s team.  Having a husband and wife partnership therapy team will mean close liason for therapy goals and input that is difficult to attain with therapists working across different organisations. 


Community visits are able to be offered in preschool, school, kindergym settings.  Aquatic Physiotherapy (hydrotherapy) sessions are located at the ARC Centre Campbelltown.