Kelly and Darryl's backgrounds have been with children, young people and their families predominantly with developmental delays and disabilities  in the community and working closely with medical and allied health professionals.  Both their working careers commenced in the Riverland setting up a Paediatric Physiotherapy and OT service for 0-6 year olds when Kelly and Darryl first met. Kelly and Darryl broadened their knowledge by working in London for 12 months in Senior roles in the Islington and Wembley regions.


Kelly worked at Novita Children’s Services for 4 years with the final year sharing the role of Senior Physiotherapist to manage the Physiotherapy team in the North Western Regional Office.  After working in London, she returned to Novita and simultaneously worked at IDSC (now known as Disability Services) as a Senior Physiotherapist to further develop her skills in a transdisciplinary team.  Kelly’s most recent role was working in the Rehabilitation Team at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital as the Rehabilitation Interventions Coordinator for 2 years until May 2013, prior to going on maternity leave with baby number three.  In this role Kelly worked alongside Rehabilitation Paediatricians, Movement Disorders Coordinator (also a Physiotherapist) and an allied health team.  Kelly co-managed setting up a Community Assessment Service for the Movement Disorders team, managed the Statewide Hip Surveillance Program for children and teens with Cerebral Palsy, was involved in all 3D Gait Laboratory meetings and assisted with complex Movement Disorder Assessments for SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy).


Darryl worked as senior Occupational Therapist for several years in the Riverland before returning to Adelaide to broaden his skills. There, he worked in private practice as well as organisations such as Novita Children Services and Autism SA before starting his own private practice, Write Intervention, in 2005. Further studies as always been of utmost importance for Darryl, and apart from completing his Masters in Occupational Therapy in 2003 he has completed courses of note such as:

  • Wilbarger Protocol for Sensory Defensiveness
  • Basic course in DIR/Floortime Model
  • M.O.R.E - Integrating the mouth with sensory and posturalfunctions
  • Sensory Integration: Theory and Practice
  • Perceive Recall Plan Perform - system of task analysis
  • Handwriting and Written Expression with Dr. Chris Chapparo
  • Accredited assessor using the Southern California Sensory Integration Tests (SCSIT)
  • Clinical assessment and practical interventions for Praxis with Teresa May Benson
  • Astronaut Training: A sound-activated vestibular-visual protocol with Mary Kawar and Sheila Frick
  • Therapeutic Listening and The Listening Program
  • Sensory Profile with Winnie Dunn

Kelly and Darryl have all the relevant clearances required to work with children and young people and regularly attends courses and workshops to update their professional knowledge to bring evidence based practice to their clients and families.  Kelly is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association including the National Paediatric interest group and Darryl is a member of OT Australia.