What To Expect

  • A referral to A Bright Choice can be made either by phone or email.  This can be done by parents, guardians, medical professionals, allied health professionals or teachers.   Kelly or Darryl will speak directly with the referrer and make an initial appointment.
  • A referral from a doctor or health professional is not required but any information/ assessments/ reports regarding your child/ teen will be helpful.
  • Over the first session Kelly and Darryl will collaborate with families and clients to formulate a therapy plan to work towards desired outcomes and goals.  Any further observations or assessment required in addition to assessments already completed, will be done in a relaxed manner over the first two sessions.
  • A report following the assessment is important to identify areas of concern and goals for therapy.  This will be distributed to the parents, referrer and any other professionals identified by the parent who are involved in the child’s/ teen’s care.
  • Additional therapy programs and further assessment can be provided on request.
  • Involvement in equipment provision and liaising with other professionals and suppliers who provide equipment can be organised for those clients requiring this service.
  • Therapy and intervention is then implemented, monitored and evaluated by the Physiotherapist/ Occupational Therapist.
  • Observe the benefit and gains achieved by your child/ young person and feel confident with the knowledge and support parents and teachers will be receiving with Kelly’s and or Darryl's input.